Horizons are continually broadened as LED technology further develops. Each of our luminaires is equipped with technology that maximises optical performance and return on investment.

Durability, lighting control, lifetime, installation and efficiency are key factors when we look at how we can effectively implement the latest advancements in LED technology. Our laboratories are equipped with equipment that deliver class-leading precision.



Each product goes through over a year of R&D to reach the market.



We source the best materials from every corner of the globe.



We've been innovating in the LED lighting space for over six years.

Our world is characterised by how light can define architecture and enhance our lives.

Our Ethos

Innovation bleeds through every cornice of our brand – through research, design, manufacturing and service.

Our Philosophy

Our manufacturing pedigree began in earnest over twenty years ago. This extensive experience informs every aspect of our design and development process.

Our Foundation
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