Specifying a Product

Lighting specification has never been easier with the Unios Toolbox. Have access to over 100,000 configurations within a few clicks alongside complete control over what electronic control gears and accessories you pair with a luminaire.

  1. Click Products in the top menu bar. If you are familiar with the Unios product range and wish to specify quickly, hover over Products and click Quick Specify.
  2. Click on a Product you would like to specify.
  3. Once inside the Product, click the blue Specify button.
  4. Use the row of filters to narrow down your results to your exact requirements. The filters that appear are contextual and will differ from product to product.
  5. Click on the blue Specify button on your desired configuration row.
  6. Add in a quantity and type to the configuration.
  7. Select the Electronic Control Gear you would like to pair with the selected configuration.
  8. Optional: Select one or more accessories to pair with the selected configuration.
  9. If you are not logged in, click Add to Toolbox to add to project. If logged in, click Add to Project.

For an introduction to the Unios Toolbox follow the link here, to see how easy Unios Toolbox makes lighting specification view the video here.

To view our range of products and begin your lighting specification process visit the link here.

For a web demonstration of the Unios Toolbox, please contact sales@unios.com.

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