Fremantle, Australia

This South Terrace home-office project represents the ‘present moment in the life of a structure that has been operating for nearly 100 years.’

The building was constructed in 1930 and served as a neighbourhood store over several generations. The current owners use the property as a residence and were keen to take advantage of the views towards the ocean as well as harness the prevailing breezes from the ‘Fremantle Doctor.’ The renovation optimises future opportunity and incorporates a series of flexible spaces that can seamlessly transform from residence to office space without additional modifications.

Philip Stejskal Architecture (PSA) planned the renovation not only to use space but a thoughtful design process incorporating both natural and artificial light sources. The 2020 WA Architecture Awards panel was duly impressed by the subtlety and elegance in the use of lighting to enhance a small and enclosed interior to achieve an excellent architectural result. PSA was named the Lighting Winner for 2020.

The daylight is welcomed in and allowed to fill the space. Using steel grid mesh flooring with a limited palette of whites and pale colours reflects and manipulates light throughout the building. The day smoothly transitions into the night with well-placed luminaires. The Eclipse linear light is deep-set to glow from behind the walls in the mezzanine. Camouflaged by day, after the sun sets the Titanium downlights and Cuadro step lights come alive with a warm, tranquil glow. MX with Kobe track lights provide the perfect track lighting for dinner prep in the high-spec kitchen.

“Natural light from a roof light during the day is substituted elegantly by artificial light with well selected temperature at night.” (source: page 68, WA Architecture Awards – 2020)


Architect Firm: Philip Stejskal Architecture
Project Architect & Photographer (night): Yang Yang Lee
Photographer (day): Dion Robeson
Lighting: HS Reflections
Builder: Capozzi Building

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