Perth, Australia

Located at 480 Hay St in Perth’s East End, Hibernian Place is the latest world-class destination to hit our streets. Among the shiny new marketplace, Graham Arthur has impressed with his all-day eatery, Arthur & Co.

Another creative collaboration was undertaken with Mata Design Studio to bring this magnetic space to life. Featuring exposed ceilings, concrete columns and rose gold tones to turn this blank canvas into an elegant dining space.

Amongst natural tones, comes the Titanium Surface Mounted Downlight which has been paired with our special linear spread lens to help shape the light’s illumination in a long, elliptical shape. This application is particularly useful for elongated areas such as corridors and passages. In this case, the lens is assisting in efficiently highlighting dining tables for guests to see and enjoy their meal.

The Kinetic Surface Mounted Downlight has been set above a centred painting to create the ideal accent illumination while drawing all bystanders attention in. The Kinetic is also featured in Arthur & Co’s industrial kitchen to assist with its mobility for a flexible, directed task light.

Perhaps the most alluring feature of the whole space is the strip lighting set throughout each backdrop. Unios’ Eclipse Strip Light (which has been cut to length) highlights each cookbook, wine glass and colourful condiment jar to create a charming effect.

With assistance from HASSELL Studio and Engenuity Engineering to create Perth’s latest hotspot in Hibernian Place.

Warm lighting, casual dining, and a modern eclectic design is the result of Arthur & Co. Head to Arthur & Co morning-till-late for some great food and an inviting, relaxed environment.

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