Melbourne, Australia

Founded in 1919, Edithvale Life Saving Club (ELSC) occupies the oldest lifesaving clubhouse in Port Phillip Bay.

With a strong commitment to public service, ELSC has built its position in the community as an active club, performing many rescues, first aid treatments and reuniting parents with their lost children during patrol season.

Thanks to the partnership between City of Kingston Council and the Victorian Government, a new ELSC facility was built and opened to the public in early March 2020. This new facility ensures the club and continues its service to the community of over 22,000 who visit the Edithvale beach every summer.

Unios luminaires feature extensively throughout the ELSC building due to the durability in tough Aussie beach conditions. All Unios powder-coating is 60μm with many luminaires equipped with an IP rating that ensures durability and safety even in the harshest conditions.

For the main entrance that faces Edithvale beach, the recessed LX IP54 and Apex IP65 lights the outdoor space as the night falls. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, the Pilot Handrail Lights, with combined IP66 & IP67 rating, provide wayfinding and illuminate external pathways creating a safe and aesthetically pleasant beachfront environment.

Internally, to maximise the ceiling space, the LX linear light and Apex downlights are recessed to provide adequate illumination for the community room. Specified for functionality, the LX runs across the entire length of the space, providing even vertical illuminance to ensure the absence of dark spots. In the staircase area, the Cuadro Wall Light once again provides safety as well as aesthetics.



Electrical Contractor: Lowe Electric
Lighting Distributor: Lights & Tracks
Local Council: City of Kingston




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