Sydney, Australia

Located in Darling Harbour, the Australian Maritime Museum is one of Sydney’s most popular destinations for its unique oceanic thematic experiences, guided tours and exhibitions. 

Along with the site’s popularity, the Museum’s retail store, located at the entrance, is a famous corner for souvenirs and gifts. The retail store displays various products featuring the Museum, its exhibition and nautical themes, such as books, gifts, jewellery, ship models, clothes, etc. In 2021, the site went through an extensive refurbishment.

Unios’s LX Opal Linear Light illuminates the whole display area, a brilliant installation that embraces friendliness and a welcoming vibe to the site, effectively levitating customers’ browsing experience. Likewise, the Kobe Track highlights each display section and brings out product details.

Customer experience, again, is in focus as the Titanium Starlights are suspended atop the check-out counter to meet task lighting needs. This instalment brings ambience to the area while simultaneously inducing a comfortable aesthetic that will be the perfect last impression on customers’ shopping journey. 



Architect: NBRS Architecture
Builder: Aurify Constructions
Photographer: Simon Whitbread

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