Brisbane, Australia

The Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct is the first of its kind in Australia offering an outstanding new luxury lifestyle precinct that will also serve as the new home for LSH Auto Australia’s Mercedes-Benz Brisbane dealership. Located at the Breakfast Creek Wharf entry to the Brisbane CBD, the development stands over an entire river-front block and includes a river-front promenade.

The precinct aims to redefine the future of retail experiences. The Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct heralds a new era in brand-based lifestyle destinations further anchored by Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. The space is a first to market concept represented as a demonstration of LSH’s vision and capability to redefine the future of customer experiences.

The build sets the tone for contemporary design; with the facade revealing various materials, modernist architectural elements and building planes to promote visual interest and break up the horizontal and vertical nature of the structure.

The five-level site combines a state-of-the-art dealership and heritage car museum with a network of retailers and brands that speak to the same audience. From the rooftop restaurant and bar, down through a multi-brand lifestyle galleria to the more casual ground level, anchored by a riverside café, the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct will be the next iconic destination for Brisbane’s distinctive relaxed luxury lifestyle, making it a significant contributor to reinvigorating a part of the city that is rapidly becoming a sophisticated urban lifestyle hub. Adding to the luxury precinct offering will be experience centres from a range of luxury lifestyle brands, personal care, wellness facilities and a business centre within a singular space while offering a unique waterside location with 180-degree rooftop views of Brisbane and its surroundings.

Occupying more than 13,000 of the building’s 32,712 square metres, the new state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Brisbane will be the largest Mercedes-Benz retail operation in the Southern Hemisphere. It will have a full floor dedicated to new vehicle display, house the LSH Gallery historic car museum, an AMG Performance Centre, an S-Class Lounge with concierge service, dozens of digital vehicle customisation screens, and a second-floor service centre with, 45 vehicle maintenance bays, that will be visible to customers.

The design vision for the project was set by the German technical planning office, TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH.

The lighting concept takes all the requirements for each individual application area within the building into consideration. This is achieved, in part, by a zoned lighting approach that combines each element integrally to provide an overall emotional impression. The lighting design not only emphasises each vehicle in its’ technical and creative brilliance but provides an atmosphere of excitement, significance, elegance and peace.

Unios products were selected where they matched the specific aesthetic and performance outcomes required for the project. The lighting component of the project played an important role in providing a better visual connection between outside and in, as well as a functional look throughout. In a high-end retail environment such as this, lighting also evokes emotion and underlines the modern architecture.

Designed by Cottee Parker, the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct provides 32,712 sqm of gross floor area within the eight-storey building on the edge of the Breakfast Creek. Interacting with the creek, LSH Property Australia proposed Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct as a contemporary, modernist ‘Goma-esque’ design that plays with its surroundings, with a strong focus on green space.

The new landmark for Brisbane further enhances Brisbane’s reputation as a new world city – as it is quickly becoming an established centre in the global business and tourism landscape.

Lighting supplier: Raylinc
Architect: Cottee Parker
Main Contractor: John Holland
Electrical Services Design Consultant: Interior Engineering
Photography: Andy Macpherson

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