Located in Osborne Park, where Italian settlers continued their agricultural traditions at the beginning of the 20th century, Casa Nostra Caffe is an open and inviting boutique cafe space where all are welcome to sit, relax, and enjoy.

With the belief that the kitchen and food is “the heart of the home”, David and Alexia Serra, owners, named it Casa Nostra —“our home” in Italian. To start the day off right, Casa Nostra offers customers a diverse breakfast menu and signature coffee options full of flavour. Then, when it comes lunchtime, the cafe serves its signature Italian dishes, from pizza and pasta to a daily assortment of delicious goodies. Driven by a simple concept – Casa Nostra sources the best products and serve them in the most refreshing way.

Casa Nostra places a significant focus on interior and lighting design, with Unios luminaires featured throughout for their minimal appearance that fits in seamlessly with the schematic curation.

One of the cafe’s architectural highlights is the arched beverage display units poised behind the elongated bar area that expands across the length of the premise. The flexible Aeon Flex Linear Light bends along each display’s periphery and creates a unique lighting effect to accentuate this feature further.

Striking a balance between aesthetic and functionality, the FX 48 Track and Spotlights are installed in-between the wooden slats to provide a comfortable yet focused light source onto the table surfaces. There is minimal light spillage creating an indulgent dining experience.

Perfectly lit, Casa Nostra is beautifully designed with a visual symmetry between the lights and shadows. From materiality, texture to architectural highpoints, every detail of this cafe is carefully curated and highlighted to create an intimate atmosphere and the perfect experience.

Developer: David and Alexia Serra
Architect: Mata Design Studio
Photographer: Andrew Purvis

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