Perth, Australia

City Beach boasts plenty of contemporary and charming homes along the coast in Perth, Western Australia.

Among these, a stunning new build showcases 13 assorted Unios products, which have been supplied by HS Reflections. Utilised throughout to highlight various angles, architectural structures and artwork; these luminaires work simultaneously to create a dynamic atmosphere for the residents and guest users.

Perhaps the hero luminaire of this project is the Eclipse Strip Light which features in various elements of the home. Utilised internally to highlight benchtops and cabinets in the kitchen, the Eclipse provides a valuable illumination for the space, while emitting a soft, elegant colour temperature which is well-suited to the nature of the home.

Externally, you’ll find the Eclipse Strip lighting the way to the front door, illuminating steps to create an inviting entrance. This form of indirect light, along with the use of the Cuadro Step Light and Emerald Inground Uplight presents the home as a stand out at night.

Titanium Starlights appear above the bathtub which brings a modern trimless aesthetic into the starlight design. You’ll also spot the Titanium Starlight above niche spaces to illuminate paintings modestly.

Another stand out luminaire within this home is the Varano Slot Downlight, which is a unique addition to the hallway, producing a high impact beam for displaying artwork. With a key slot design and a compact aperture cone, this downlight produces a vivid output while minimising glare.

Despite various luminaires specified, Unios products work simultaneously to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere internally and externally for this residence.

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