Auckland, New Zealand

Located at the preeminent waterfront area of Auckland, Commercial Bay is a pivotal destination for business, retail, and hospitality, bringing together over 10,000 people to one connected location.

Consisting of a 39-floor office tower and a three-level shopping centre with 18,000 sqm of retail space, Commercial Bay was officially opened by Rt Hon Prime Minister Jacinda Arden in June 2020. With over 120 merchants – from global flagship names, assorted food and beverage providers to local brands – Commercial Bay’s shopping precinct is anticipated to redefine retail in Auckland.

To help create an inviting and pleasant ambiance for shoppers, Unios’ Kobe Track Lights were selected for a series of fashion stores – including Asuwere, Papinelle, Ingrid Starnes Aotea, The Gentry, Citta, Yu Mei, I Love Ugly, Aje, and Ecoya.

Perfect for retail, the Kobe acts as both an ambient and task lighting source that transforms and adapts to each brand’s personality and space. For the women’s clothing brand, Aje, the Kobe emitting soft,  white light to complement Aje’s sweet and feminine colour palette. Similarly, Papinelle utilises the Kobe and its superior colour rendering ability at 97+ CRI to illuminate product display areas, making the products more appealing to shoppers and passersby. On the other hand, as a personal care brand inspired by traditional Māori remedies, the Aotea store adopts a much warmer and homey lighting scheme, which further accentuates the brand’s rustic and earthy aesthetic.

Outside of the retail context, for The Gentry, the Kobe provides background illuminance for the space, creating a pleasant environment for both customers and barbers to simply relax and engage in the art of male grooming.

From high-quality retail and hospitality environments to the striking architectural design, Commercial Bay stays true to its commitment as the development that will transform and reshape Auckland for the future.


Lead Architect: Warren and Mahoney
Retail Architect: NH Architecture
Commercial Architect: Woods Bagot
Interior Designer: Wonder Group
Electrical Engineer: 22 Degrees
Electrical Engineer: NDY
Project Manager: Fletcher Construction
Project Manager: RCP
Lighting Provider: MHL
Photographer: Mark Scowen


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