Adelaide, Australia

Located on Level 1 of the SkyCity Adelaide, The District is a collective entertainment destination of a Sports Bar, Poker Zone and Bistro, all in one unique setting. The venue also features a fully functioning Pirate Life microbrewery within a Casino, the first and only of its kind in Australia and New Zealand.

With a fun and laid-back vibe, the District caters to everyone who’s looking for a great night out, whether that be a quick drink after work or celebrating a significant milestone with friends and family. Upon entrance, guests are greeted by an opulent graffiti wall painted with an eye-popping shade of blue. Following an industrial-esque design, the District adopts an open layout with black and deep timber as primary in their colour palette.

To maintain that industrial feel and guarantee precise luminaire placement, track lighting is used throughout the premise. A mix of the Kobe and Axis Track lights are skillfully arranged to provide the most comfortable dining experience with subtle illumination focused on table surfaces.

For a more intimate and low-key evening, guests can travel up a flight of stairs reaching the mezzanine level that includes an outdoor area. As the best of both worlds, from the mezzanine, diners have a full view of the happenings below while enjoying their private time.

With careful planning and attention to details, the District at SkyCity uses the Pilot Handrail light emitting a soft radiance to create the most pleasant yet safe wayfinding experience for guests transitioning through the different areas. At the same time, along hallways, parodic decorations further accentuated the District Bar at SkyCity’s brand identity.

The revamped space includes a 450 capacity live entertainment venue to host live music and international performers. The District guarantees an experience like no other for guests as it has taken a mix of styles and functions and unified them within one amazing location.

To see the full project feature in First Light Edition 2 click here!


Developer: Sky City Casino
Architecture: Studio Nine Architects
Electrical Contractor: SKS Technologies
Lighting Distributor: HI Lighting SA
Photography: Brad Griffin Photography

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