Perth, Australia

Stands proud in the old heritage frame on the corner of Beaufort St and Grosvenor Rd, Elford Hotel catches the eyes of passersby with its timber tones, moody lighting, splashes of green and modern furniture.

Paying homage to the venue’s history, the hotel keeps the original building’s features and blows in a breath of contemporary through art placements and deco arrangements. In addition, the hotel features a bar on the ground floor, where the light installation was designed with sophistication in mind.

Responsible for general lighting tasks are the Apex Downlight and Kobe Tracklight. Featuring a minimal design and offering ambient lumination, the duo works wonders in setting the overall mood of the space.

The vibe continues with harmonisation between the Kobe Tracklight and FX Spotlight to highlight the bar’s beverage collection. The Eclipse Strip Light, in particular, exudes indirect light spreads to draw attention to the counter, effectively creating a splendid focal to the bar. The space also features a series of adjustable Switch Downlights along the walkway and restroom entrance to better assist with wayfinding.

Trust projects
Designer: Cross Design Group
Builder: Diverse Project Group
Lighting Distributor: HS Reflections
Photographer: Andrew Purvis

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