Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Empire City Home resides within Empire City, a luxurious residential complex that overlooks the Saigon River and some of Ho Chi Minh City’s iconic landmarks, such as the Dragon Wharf. Located in the prime location connecting the CBD area of District 1 and the new and modern residential complexes of District 2 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Empire City Home is all about embracing luxury and sophistication through residential architecture and lighting design.

Taking advantage of the prime location, this apartment residence adopts an open-plan layout for its living area, which welcomes an abundance of sunlight during the day and a panoramic night view of the city at sundown. Complementing this masterful design is a combination of the Unios FX Spotlight, FX Darklight and Titanium Downlight. While the FX Darklight and Titanium exude warm light, fostering a sense of homeliness and comfort, the FX Spotlight is brilliantly used to highlight interior features. Together, the luminaires create a well-lit common space for living, resting and relaxing.

Empire City Home also sees the Eclipse Linear Lights featuring multiple areas of the home to harness minimalism and contemporary lumination. In particular, hidden behind shelves in the wine display section, the luminaire harmonises with the Titanium Starlight to beautifully accent the top-of-the-line selection. At the same time, the Titanium Semi-Recessed provides illumination for the bathroom’s vanity while the Eclipse exudes relaxing light from behind plastered walls.

Comfort is at the forefront of lighting design in the bedroom with the Node Darklight Series. Thanks to its efficiency and low glare for maximum visual comfort, The Node is an outstanding contender for high-end residential projects such as the beautiful Empire City Home.

Architect: ADP Architects
Photos: Valor Studio
Lighting Supplier: Unios Vietnam

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