Melbourne, Australia

Ferndale Rd home is one of timelessness and serenity, came to be through the creative integration of architecture, landscape and lighting design expertise. The harmony is finessed to perfection, all so that a lucky family can proudly call it their home when winning the Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery.

The residence’s highlight is the balance of contemporary Australian lighting design and sustainability. From the outside, the monochromatic palette of the structure creates a canvas for the cascading light. On the inside, each room is an oasis, designed and built to welcome an abundance of natural light.

Ferndale Rd home would, of course, not be whole without the assistance of artificial lighting. Known for their low glare, timeless design and outstanding performance, Unios’ luminaires proudly feature in many areas of this beautiful build.

Radius Pathway Light guides the way through the front yard to the entrance. With a stylish and compact profile, this textured black luminaire brings both wayfinding and a modern aesthetic to the home’s envelope. At the front door, the Zeron Mini Wall Light exudes a gentle light beam from both ends of its angular shape, introducing a sense of homeliness to all who enter.

Inside, the Kobe Track Light pairs with the surface-mounted Titanium Downlight in the kitchen for general lighting tasks. While the Titanium offers beautiful colour rendering, the textured white Kobe Track Light adds a modern aesthetic to the space. Minimal and purposeful, the Kobe Track Light is also seen in the hallway to accentuate the space’s contemporary furniture and design.

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Lighting Supplier: Lights Lights Lights
Architect: Webster Architecture
Builder: Mazzei Homes
Landscape Architect: Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture
Photographer: Elisa Watson

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