Perth, Western Australia

Launched in 2004, the Western Australian Gage Roads brewery is making its name as one of the country’s largest brewing companies. In 2021, the brand opens its first public-facing venue in a massive 100-metre-long former cargo shed on the Walyalup waterfront.

Being built just out over the ocean, the Gage Roads Brewing puts much consideration into creating a fun and easy-going vibe. Stepping inside the entrance, customers will meet with Gage Roads welcome sign, lighted by the Emerald Spotlight – a high performing fixture. Inside the brewery, the Kobe Track Light exudes a soft relaxing spread of light onto the dining areas and each of the strategically placed decors, such as the foosball tables and the road sections. In addition, the Eclipse gently illuminate the check-out and souvenirs section, creating a consistent ambience to the brewery.

The Gage Roads Brewing is brilliant in its planning of lighting and decor. The restroom, in particular, uses Particle Downlight to create comfort, as well as a series of Iris lights to preserve ambience while inducing a sense of privacy to the space. To complete the room, the Shift Out is used to light up the decorative focal at the entrance.

The Gage Road Brewing, built just out over the ocean, has been designed to complement its iconic location. Features a brewery, restaurant, bar and family entertainment area – this is truly an all-around destination for families and group gatherings.



Architect: Fine Spun Architecture
Interior designer: Mata Design Studio
Lighting distributor: Mondoluce
Electrician: Techworks solutions
Electrical Engineer: LCI consultants
Builder: ICS Australia

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