Hà Nội, Vietnam

Officially launched in May 2018 in HCMC, Gia Studios is a contemporary luxury fashion brand created by Vietnam’s emerging designer, Lam Gia Khang. “Gia” means “home” in Vietnamese, which appeals to the brand’s mission of being the design house to traditional-inspired luxury fashion.

In 2021, Gia Studios expanded to open its first store in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Located in one of the city’s most notable intersections of Ly Thai To and Tran Nguyen Han, Gia Studios attracts passers-by with its lavish yet minimalist exterior. Following a simplistic aesthetic, the design runs a consistent theme with ivory white being the primary tone. As the perfect fit, Unios luminaires blend into the space’s interior and exterior elements seamlessly in the white finish. In contrast to what one might assume of the palette choice, Gia Studios does not appear cold; instead, it radiates a warm and amiable atmosphere throughout.

From simple lines to intricate structures, every detail in the architecture of Gia Studios matters. To maintain the store’s welcoming ambiance, all Unios luminaires are at a warm 3000K. Thanks to the superior colour rendering of CRI 97+, the Titanium G2 Downlight and Kobe Track Light provide a combination of general and area-specific illuminance. Meanwhile, recessed in the ceiling, the Eclipse creates a periphery of indirect lights further accentuating the architectural intent.


To see the full project feature in First Light Edition 2 click here!


Developer: Lam Gia Khang
Design & Build: MQD Interior Decoration
Lighting Supplier: Unios
Photographer: Do Sy



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