Gippsland, Australia

Set to provide students and businesses with access to the latest knowledge in innovation and technology, the Gippsland Innovation Centre is an exciting addition to Gippsland Hi-Tech Precinct.

Opened in 2020, this $17.2m facility houses a range of facilities and infrastructure that support the region’s long-term benefit as local businesses can share the Centre’s high-quality technology and resources. The project vision sees the Centre of excellence in technology and innovation, providing community benefits in skills training and economic development.

The interior design provides functional flexibility that allows innovation and collaboration through multi-functional spaces and communal areas. The conference space is designed to host seminars and cocktail functions, with large tilt-up doors that can be extended to include the forecourt and landscape.

Perfectly communicating the collaborative values, the material palette chosen is modern and sustainable as it reduces harm to the environment and occupants. At the same time, lighting from Unios further enhance the Centre’s functionality and adaptability in the multi-function and shared spaces. In the meeting room and communal areas, the Quantum Slotter Lights run across the ceiling, meeting ambient lighting needs. At the same time, perfect for the education setting, the LX Linear Lights are surface mounted in some areas to ensure adequate brightness for task lighting no matter the space layout and work-surface configuration.

Following a contemporary architectural style, the Centre utilises earthy timber and stone materials throughout. To highlight the staircase, the Eclipse Linear Lights are hidden inside handrails to accent design features while providing safety for occupants.

As the flagship development of the Hi-Tech Precinct, the Gippsland Innovation Centre delivers its promise, bringing together the best of education, research and industry in a collaborative, innovative space.

Architecture & Design: Williams Ross Architects
Build: Becon Construction
Consulting Electrical Engineers: BRT Consulting
Lighting Supplier: Lights & Tracks

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