Jakarta, Indonesia

Located in the iconic landmark complex of Plaza Indonesia, the Grand Hyatt Jakarta Hotel boasts a prime central location with convenient access to Jakarta’s most iconic cultural delights. With 424 luxury guestrooms and suites, the establishment offers visitors the ultimate front-row experience of Jakarta’s beauty.

More than just a luxurious stay in the heart of Indonesia, the Grand Hyatt Jakarta reflects all that is grand through its purposeful architectural touches and premium services. From inventive restaurants and luxury spas to sophisticated meeting spaces and architecture, the Grand Hyatt has everything, all to ensure visitors a relaxing and enjoyable time at the hotel.

Assisting the timeless luxury of Grand Hyatt Jakarta are unmatched lighting solutions. Design not only for wayfinding but also for aesthetics, comfort, and style, the hotel’s lighting is extraordinary in every sense possible. Unios’ luminaires, in specific, proudly guide visitors through many spaces of this amazing hotel.

The Aeon Flex makes itself known at the exterior water fountain at the drop-off lobby. Offering high flexibility, customisability and dot-free illumination, the luminaire is the perfect installation to illuminate this entrance’s focal. Wrapped around the fountain, the Aeon Flex exudes warm, inviting light, making the fountain an unforgettable welcome to any guests. Take the elevator to the Grand Cafe, and the Titanium Starlight will embrace visitors in an alluring ambience. Comes in a minimal and timeless design, the luminaire beautifully harmonises with the Grand Cafe’s modern architecture and luxurious interiors for a dining experience like no other.

Beautiful and purposeful, while offering delightful experiences for all that visit, the Grand Hyatt Jakarta was proudly named the winner of the prestigious Adikarya Wisata Award 2019 as The Best 5-Star Hotel in Jakarta and the Digital Culture Excellence Awards 2021. Among Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s many other awards, these prestigious two recognised the hotel for its world-class facilities, service excellence and contribution to promoting Jakarta’s tourism and cultural conservation.


Designer: Hadiprana Design
Architect: Hadiprana Design
Interior design: Social F+B
Lighting consultant: Lighting Directions
Lighting Distributor: Class International
Photographer: Lindung Soemarhadi

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