Melbourne, Australia

As companies are demanding more from their workplaces than ever before, lighting one of Melbourne’s leading industrial property developers meant a variety of requirements had to be met at Hallmarc’s office on Collins Street.

With lighting designed and supplied by Lights & Tracks – the office utilised a variety of traditional downlights, strip lights and suspended linear lights. Combining these luminaires meant key conditions were met for occupants – from efficiency to comfort, ambience and productivity.

Suspended LX S62 sits throughout main areas to provide horizontal illuminance and uniformity for meetings while working to reduce glare and balance the integration of direct illumination throughout. With consistency being a key theme in the Hallmarc office, recessed LX (LXR90) features on the outskirts of the office space, enhancing smaller work stations and filing systems.

With comfort being paramount to the office, the Titanium G2 Downlight was an obvious lighting solution for Hallmarc – providing a uniform and superior level of illumination throughout. As it has been reengineered, the Titanium G2 also provides unparalleled comfort through its reflector and new generation of LED chips. Perfect for commercial spaces, the G2 was the ideal choice for this large office due to its class-leading lumen efficacy.

The lighting solution provided in the Hallmarc office not only complemented the various functions of the space by giving the room structure but also stimulated productivity and well-being for all occupants.


To see the full project feature in First Light Edition 2 click here!


Lighting Supplier: Lights & Tracks
Builder & Architect: Hallmarc
Electrical Contractor: Next Generation Electrical

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