Perth, Australia

Nestled into the cliffside with panoramic views of the Swan River is Infinity Views, a unique residential whose conceptual inspirations draw from luxurious yachts and the Swan River itself.

Designing Infinity Views means designing a ship on land – a complex idea brought to life through careful architectural approaches, a warm material palette, and a masterful play of light. Therefore, Infinity Views’ lighting solutions must deliver exceptional lighting effects that resemble that of a cruise while aligning with the home’s desired aesthetics. Able to satisfy the criteria, Unios’ luminaires were chosen to feature in many areas of this premise.

The defining feature of the lighting design is the rounded rectangle skylights bordered by the flexible Aeon Flex. Throughout the day, natural light penetrates through the skylights, basking the interior in a beautiful glow. As the sun recedes, the skylights transform with a soft halo of light, creating a different lighting effect for the evening.

Assisting wayfinding throughout Infinity Views is the Apex Downlight, in its surface-mounted and recessed variations. Inside, the Apex works with the Aeon Flex and the Eclipse Linear Lights to bring warm illumination into the space. Outside, the Apex works with the Zeron Mini and the Ovo Wall Light to support general and accent lighting tasks. Comes with a striking circular concave design and a slightly textured surface, the Ovo exudes a circular beam along the stairways and around the pool to highlight these architectural elements.

Infinity Views has collected a multitude of accolades for its unique approach to a coastal home. The design cues it takes from the West Australian landscape, and luxury yachts have created a truly unique residence.

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Lighting Supplier: HS Reflections
Architect: Superseed Architecture
Builder: Capozzi Building
Furniture Supplier: Mobilia
Photographer: Andrew Purvis
Photographer: Daniel Swift
Photographer: Richie Lu

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