Melbourne, Australia

Located in the inner Melbourne suburb of Toorak, JARtB residence — part house, part gallery — challenges the traditional notion of housing with its bold interdisciplinary approach to architecture, design and art.

With the north-south orientation, every opening of this home was carefully calculated so that natural light could penetrate and interact with the interior in various ways.

JARtB house expands over three floors. Through the circular concrete entrance, the first-floor level is impeccably designed for social gatherings and family activities. The home instantly makes an impression with the long gallery corridor and true-to-life-size giraffe installation.

The open layout allows for seamless interconnection between the open-plan kitchen and a double-height dining and living space filled with grandeur furniture and artworks. As an ambience light source, the Titanium Downlights unobtrusively blend in with their matte finish and signature trimless design that perfectly complements the unique architectural details throughout the home like the timber-panelled ceilings.

For areas with concrete ceilings, like the bath and theatre room, the black Axis is surface-mounted to provide a source of ambient light. With a dual gimbal that allows for 30° of tilt in all directions, the Shift In Downlight is utilised throughout JARtB as a flexible lighting solution with both accent and general lighting capabilities.

The vision of JARtB came to life through the careful craftsmanship of various materials and the tasteful curation of furniture and interior features that double as artful installations. JARtB House is the true representation of Billy Kavellaris, the homeowner and lead architect of the project, realising his ethos of “living in and amongst the art.”


Click here to see the full project feature in First Light Edition 2!


Architecture and Interior Design: Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD).
Custom Timber Flooring, Stairs and Ceiling: Made by Storey
Stone: G-LUX
Glass Façade: Cooling Brothers
Civil and Structural Engineer: O’Neill Group
Lighting Supplier: Lights & Tracks
Photographer: Peter Bennetts

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