Melbourne, Australia

Also known as the St Kilda Cricket Ground, Junction Oval is a renowned sports ground in Melbourne, Australia. First established in 1856, the grounds underwent a $40 million redevelopment between 2015 and 2018 to make it the administrative headquarters of Cricket Victoria. In conjunction with Lights & Tracks, Unios were thrilled to be part of such a historical face-lift.

Illuminating the way for pedestrians at night, custom fixtures showcase architectural lighting at its best. This application has been smartly applied to be efficiently managed, maintained, and monitored for the grounds.

Our Vortex Highbay was a match made in heaven for the industrial and wide beam aspect for the gym. Its sleek, low-profile was the smart choice for Junction Oval’s high-performance areas, executing precise lighting and proving the Vortex Highbay was utilised to its utmost potential.

With a venue suitable for everyone, Unios, in collaboration with Lights & Tracks created environments that compliment the purpose of elite players, fans and the community-at-large.

Cox Architecture was appointed to lead the project, with global design and engineering firm Arup providing their design service to the redevelopment.

In partnership with the Victorian Government and Cricket Australia, the grounds now features new administrative headquarters, high-performance facilities, an indoor centre and medical and rehabilitation areas. The next chapter in Cricket Victoria’s decorated history has begun in earnest with these new facilities.


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