Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Situated in the hustled suburb of Gyeonggi-do in South Korea, the Jungsoo Jungwoon building establishes itself as a must-visit destination for furniture and interior design lovers.

Jungsoo Jungwoon building houses four levels, a ground floor and a rooftop. Built as a showroom to display luxury interior products, each floor of Jungsoo Jungwoon introduces customers to a different setting.

Assisting the masterful arrangement is an even more brilliant play of artificial light. In projects such as Jungsoo Jungwoon, good lighting can create a comfortable yet alluring retail environment, effectively increasing customers’ time in-store. With timeless and minimal designs, Unios’ luminaires are skillfully arranged in many areas of Jungsoo Jungwoon.

The FX Track Spotlight and Darklight marks their presence on the ground floor, running across the ceiling to celebrate craftsmanship and highlight each product in all its glory and sophistication. The duo works with the Eclipse Linear Lights in the cafeteria to continue the concept of contemporary design. The masterful arrangement of indirect and direct lighting layers comes to life in Jungsoo Jungwon as the space embraces occupants with a comfortable and calming vibe, creating an enjoyable shopping experience.

The first, second and third levels consist of various display settings. From here, the FX Track lights work wonders in highlighting the displayed products on the first level. On the third level, the FX Linear Lights makes itself known with its minimal glare and beautiful white finish. In the meeting room, the Eclipse Linear Lights foster creativity and focus while offering comfort to reduce eye strains. The luminaires are hidden behind plastered ceilings to create an invisible light source, adding visual interest to the overall space.

From the outside, Jungsoo Jungwoon stands out from its neighbours with the assistance of Zeron. During the day, the wall luminaire integrates with the building design with its sleek and minimal design. Moreover, the luminaires uniformly render warm luminance at night, accentuating the facade’s texture and material.

Circling a spacious courtyard, Jungsoo Jungwoon offers plenty of space to move around. At the foot of the building’s columns are decorative waterways, illuminated by a combination of Zeron Wall Lights and Aeon Flex. Known for its flexibility, longevity and dot-free illuminance, the Aeon Flex is featured atop glass barriers for efficiency, beauty and safe movement.


Design: KKH Architecture
Construction & Project Management: WGP & KIMAPARTNERS
Construction: Jaram
Interior design: Movement Lab
Lighting Supplier: Unios Korea
Photographer: Yoon Dong Gyu

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