Quang Binh, Vietnam

Residing amid the grand nature of Quang Binh Province (Vietnam) is The Kaleidoscope, a living-working building tentatively designed to meet both accommodation and workspace functions. 

Situated in a tree-filled area between the hills and the ocean, The Kaleidoscope offers a variety of diverse views, thanks to its clever fenestration that resembles the kaleidoscope lens. The building’s roof is in the shape of ‘nón lá’, the traditional Vietnamese headwear, to pay tribute to the country’s rich culture.

Designing The Kaleidoscope means creating a place that can maximise the connection to the surrounding nature and provide a seamless transition between day and night life, or in other words, between working and resting. These intentions are brilliantly achieved through various architectural means, one of which is a masterful play of natural and architectural light in the building’s fabric. 

During the day, the building welcomes an abundance of sunlight through patterned and glass walls, creating a calming space for ease of focus and productivity. As the day unfolds, the building’s volume is filled with soft and warm light to harness comfort for all who reside. Unios is proud to feature in many areas of this purposeful project to assist with navigation, general lighting tasks, and placemaking.

From the entrance, Unios’ Ovo Wall Light helps occupants navigate the way with its soft circular beam. Comes with the ability to resist dust completely, this luminaire is built to last, especially in the windy weather of Quang Binh’s oceanic suburb. Thanks to its minimal and timeless design, the Ovo Wall Light works wonders in nurturing the desired modest aesthetic of the building. Unios’ luminaires continue guiding occupants through the premise with the Pilot featured alongside the stairs handrail. Unobtrusive, minimal and delivers a continuous flow of indirect lighting, the luminaire offers ambience and safe movement for the illuminated area.

The Kaleidoscope’s interior is irradiated by a combination of the Titanium Downlight and Onyx Spotlight. While the Titanium Downlight works diligently on its general lighting tasks, the Onyx Spotlight provides accent lighting with its striking beam washes. By masterfully incorporating different lighting layers, each architectural element of The Kaleidoscope is brought to life, and each interior design consideration is accentuated to the fullest, effectively completing the versatile environment intended by the architect.

The Kaleidoscope proves the significance of good lighting design in assisting the placemaking of office and residential builds. With access to the grand nature and peacefulness of Quang Binh province and a purposeful design that harnesses comfort for working and living in, this premise is, without a doubt, the exemplar of modern office-accommodation hybrid design.


Photographer: Hiroyuki Oki
Manufacturer: Daikin
Manufacturer: Dimo Home
Manufacturer: Hafele
Manufacturer: Milli
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Manufacturers: YKK AP
Architect: inrestudio
Construction: Hoan My SGLighting
Lighting Consultant: nanoHome
Lighting supplier: Unios Vietnam

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