Perth, Australia

Located in High Wycombe, Karingal Green is Hall & Prior Group’s new 1.6-hectare aged care community. On the quest to provide care that enables people to live their life the way they choose, Karingal Green focuses on a whole-of-person care program through its state-of-the-art facility and provider of specialist care and well-being services.

The 160-bed residential care home is thoughtfully designed for the senior community, offering a modern and personalised living environment that suits each and every individual. Karingal Green is well-rounded and equipped with beautiful living and garden spaces; a wellness centre, a heated hydrotherapy pool, gymnasium, café and cinema, an on-site allied and primary health clinic, and a dedicated research, training and education centre.

Throughout the facility, a range of Unios luminaires delivers functionality and aesthetic qualities. For the hydrotherapy pool, the Titanium Semi-Recessed Downlights act as a source of ambient light. The protruding lip design creates a distinctive gradient light effect while adding a refined touch to break up the ceiling surfaces. In the salon, the Titanium G2 Downlights are utilised for their trimless appearance that remains subtle and helps elevate the luxurious elegance of the space.

As the ideal lighting solution for practicality and efficiency, the Apex Downlights light the private rooms. With a UGR<19, this lighting solution can significantly reduce glare, reflection and shadows, contributing to slips, trips and falls. Honouring their individualised, whole-of-person approach, each suite at Karingal Green is personalised with a different colour scheme and interior design features. In minimalist white, the Apex fits seamlessly into the varied designs and furniture.

From a world-class wellness centre to a team of in-house chefs, personal services and high-class facilities, everything at Karingal Green is carefully planned with finesse to support our seniors and help them live their most fulfilling life.


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Developer: Hall & Prior Health & Aged Care Group
Architect: Hassell Studio Perth
Project Manager & Superintendent: Donald Cant Watts Corke
Quantity Surveyor: Ralph Beattie Bosworth
Builder: Broad Construction
Electrical Engineer: Engineering Technology Consultants
Lighting Supplier: Mondoluce

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