Karrinyup, Australia

Nestled in Perth’s northern suburbs, Karrinyup Shopping Centre is home to more than 290 retailers and multiple entertainment units. Inducing leisure, lifestyle, entertainment and many more, the centre is one of Perth’s most popular destinations. 

In 2021, Karrinyup Shopping Centre concluded its AUD$800m redevelopment project, welcoming customers to a new centre that is double in size and more advanced in customer experience. With dozens of new places to eat, drink, and play, a 10-screen, state-of-the-art cinema complex, and more than 100 additional fashion and lifestyle stores, Karrinyup thrives on being Perth’s leading multi-complex. 

Featured in many areas of the centre, Unios‘s lighting solutions assist customers’ wayfinding and safe movement while simultaneously adding to the centre’s modern and bustling vibe. 

The warm luminance of the Akira Ceiling and Titanium Downlight duo illuminates the shopping centre’s new wellness area. Minimal and inviting, the lights guide the way around. Upstairs, the Kobe Track lights up the immense ceiling height and polishes each fashion outlet with its high output. Comes with multiple beam angles and a minimal outlook, the Kobe adds class to the space and nurses a comfortable shopping experience. Versatile, minimal and beautiful, the Eclipse is utilised to illuminate the food court for a modern aesthetic. 

The shopping centre shows dedication and care to customers through the finer details. Illuminating the walk-in is the vibrant light of the Titanium Downlight and Aeon Flex duo for wayfinding. Inside, the Titanium Downlight and Starlight combination create comfort and ambience, making the space elegant and beautiful while maintaining a sense of privacy. The powder room, in particular, is decorated with a harmonious balance between contemporary interior design and warm light, upping the standard for all shopping centres around. 

More than just a premier venue for fashion and retail, Karrinyup shopping centre also offers multiple entertainment and lifestyle outlets. In the heart of the centre sits a beautiful courtyard. Illuminated by the Emerald SpikeAeon FlexTitanium Downlight, and Athena Max, the space ensures safe movement for occupants. Adding to the wayfinding of the yard and elevating its beauty is the Athena Series. With the catenary model and high output, the Athena offers creative lighting design and assists wayfinding, resulting in a safe, charming and aesthetically pleasing courtyard.

Click here to learn more about the Athena Collection.


Architect: Hames Sharley
Architect: Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick
Lighting designer: Electrolight
Electrical Engineer: BEST Consultants
Builder: Multiplex
Electrician: Everett Smith & Co
Distributor: Mondoluce 

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