Launceston, Australia

Located in Tasmania’s northern riverside city, Launceston, this office was designed to provide a healthy and functional work environment.

The architects, Cumulus Studio, worked closely with the client to meet the requirements of the busy office space. The office is a combination of open and private areas strategically compartmentalised into clusters of interrelated teams. While the open layout and workstations encourage engagements and communication, the meeting rooms and small “hubs” ensure privacy for vibrant and robust brainstorming sessions that don’t disrupt the wider office.

Cumulus Studio utilised natural materials and a calming, neutral colour palette to simplify this modern workspace without relying on solid partitions. The space uses monochromatic and timber tones throughout – grey carpets, dark timber walls, black furniture – to define workspaces and their functionality. The timber trimmed glass walls provide airiness and depth of field not found in offices of the past. Similarly, luminaires used to reflect these tones and, in some areas, recessed entirely into the ceiling to maintain the overall aesthetic coherence.

One of the office’s architectural signatures is the timber batten ceiling with the Eclipse linear light mounted in-between slats for a unique lighting effect. The strips of illuminance add depth and dimensions along the entrance, main hallways and meeting rooms. This feature draws attention to the locally sourced Tasmanian timber. The Switch downlights, which are rotatable up to 350° and tiltable up to 90°, were used for directional illuminance in internal corridors to add dimension to the lighting scheme.

With their trimless finish, the Titanium Downlights are recessed into the ceiling to provide ambiance lighting throughout workstations. Meanwhile, the LX linear lights are suspended above reception and workstations to provide task lighting. The luminaires add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the working environment with its indirect illumination and minimalist exterior. The perfect task light, the LX linear, delivers even light across the fixture’s entire length, optimal for digital communication and notetaking.


To see the full project feature in First Light Edition 2 click here!


Architect: Cumulus Studio
Electrical Engineer: Engineering Solutions Tasmania
Builder: Anstie Constructions
Lighting Supplier: Southern Lighting
Photographer: Anjie Blair

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