Dalat, Vietnam

Inspired by the old-world retro, Le Récit Hotel is the place for travellers embarking on their adventure exploring the romantic city of Dalat.

Stunning at first glance, Le Récit Hotel attracts attention with its unique brandmark. Holding the hope of inspiring visitors to fulfil their incomplete dreams and ambitions, the hotel’s brandmark was custom-made with the appearance of a fairy-tale book. Perhaps it was a point of foreshadowing; that as you enter, you become a part of the Le Récit story, one that will last for a lifetime.

Throughout the entire premise, a monochromatic colour scheme featuring the different hues of beige were skillfully utilised. The wall was painted with special effects in a custom shade of beige to replicate the classy stucco patterns and textures featured in 19th-century French colonial architecture. The Shift Out Downlights create ambiance in the grand dining hall, directing focused pools of lights on the table surface, enhancing the space’s sense of dramatic luxury. At the same time, the Eclipse Linear Light runs along the wall and across the ceiling, creating a subtle glow throughout.

Playing on the artistic beauty of French interior design, guests are immersed from the moment of entry with the ostentatious and grandeur reception area. As they journey towards their private suite, a warm welcome is in order with a statement-worthy corridor that doubles as a gallery space featuring antique furniture and timeless works of art. With CRI 92+, the Switch Downlights renders accurate and true-to-life directional illumination at the paintings.

Every guestroom was constructed with its own magical story and stroke of archaic charm with careful attention to detail. From gilded mirrors, antique commodes to Louis armchairs, each piece of furniture and decorations was selected with the mission of translating through that French-inspired ornamental aesthetic. With its trimless design, the Titanium Downlights create a minimal footprint on the ceiling, fitting seamlessly with the overall design. At the same time, the Eclipse Linear Light indirectly illuminates above the bedrest, producing a gentle light source, perfect for relaxation.

The brilliance of French-inspired interior design is making the simplest daily activities a precious moment, like drinking coffee on a comfortable lounge chair basking in the morning sunshine or relaxing in the bathtub in a dimly lit surrounding. It’s these elegant design choices that enable Le Récit Hotel to become the picture-perfect home away from home for visitors.

Developer: Tran Lam Da Lat
Architect and Interior Designer: Phung Kim Quy
Effect Painting: Kien Thach
Lighting Supplier: Unios
Photographer: Do Sy

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