Seocho-gu, South Korea

In a populated city of over 9 million occupants, the approach to LeeJung was the opposite of density – a minimalist and serene residence.

With visual comfort as the central goal, LeeJung’s lighting design is meticulously considered. Pairing best in-class glare reduction luminaires with architecturally integrated indirect lighting decisions, the home fills its volume with warmth and comfort. As a result, a low-voltage FX 48V Track system is intricately recessed throughout to create a seamless aesthetic across the ceiling and walls.

The darklights are installed into the recessed FX Track to create a lighting effect where the luminaire is almost invisible. With its low voltage nature, the track is embedded into walls with spotlights accenting objects and providing a soft light source for reading. While the FX Track assists with comfort of the home, the Particle, Titanium Downlight and Eclipse Linear Lights trio work together for general lighting tasks.

On the outdoor terrace, indirect lighting is concealed into benches made of bricks and slatted wood panelling. The warm halo of light from the Emerald Spike Light acts as a subtle wayfinding reference and an invitation to place oneself amongst the beautiful natural landscape. Lighting the external courtyard are solid brass spike lights that accentuate natural elements. These luminaires will patinate over time as the plants mature, creating a seamless and consistent aesthetic for the beautiful landscape design.

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Lighting Supplier: Unios Korea
Project Manager: KIMAPARTNERS
Archtiect: KKH Architecture
Interior Designer: KIMAPARTNERS
Lighting consultant: Lighting Group GORI
Constructor: Jarchiv D&C
Photographer: Yoon Dong Gyu

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