Hobart, Australia

Lord St House is a collaboration expansion project between 1+2 Architecture and 2H to propel the original 1910s home structure into the new world.

The extensions include a courtyard, a fully functioning kitchen, a dining/family space, a study room, and more. Walking through the additional spaces, one will notice a unique balance between the added contemporary touches and the original heritage-listed house’s layout. The harmony is finessed with perfection, all thanks to the team’s productive collaboration, high design values, and close consultation with heritage authorities.

Famous for their timeless design, efficiency and high-quality lighting effects, Unios’ luminaires were featured in many areas of the extension.

The Akira Ceiling Light highlights the family dining space. With a minimal design and highly diffused light spread, the luminaire works wonders in adding a sense of modernity and comfort to the shared space. Next, turn to the garden, where occupants are greeted with a well-designed landscape lit by the Onyx Spotlights. With a timeless black texture, this luminaire accents the space and brings aesthetic alignment to the home.

A series of Titanium Downlights assist in wayfinding from the dining area to the courtyard. Renowned for its true-to-life colour consistency, low glare and excellent optics, this Unios’s flagship luminaire brings a harmony of comfort and efficiency. This luminaire is, without a doubt, the perfect transition between the in and out of Lord St, effectively marrying the entire lighting scheme together.

Click here to see the full project feature and many other residential project inspirations in Living with Light Edition 1!


Lighting Supplier: Casa Monde Lighting
Architect: 1+2 Architecture
Builder: 2H Pty Ltd
Landscape Architect: 2H Pty Ltd
Interior Designer: 1+2 Architecture
Interior Designer: 2H Pty Ltd
Photographer: 1+2 Architecture

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