Perth, Australia

Tucked away in the tranquil area of the Swan Valley, you’ll find recently developed apartments at Mandoon Estate. The Colony is made up of 32 rooms and built for those seeking a relaxing getaway; exclusively offering beautiful scenery, leisurely lunches and divine bush walks around the local, national park.

Amongst the relaxing nature of The Colony, you’ll spot a variety of our luminaries fit out in the 32 designated apartment rooms. To add a relaxing element, the Codex Reading Wall Light has been applied to a large wooden bedhead for accessibility, accompanied by a backdrop of Eclipse Strips.

Spread throughout the apartment, our Titanium G2 Downlight generates a balanced, relaxed atmosphere which is perfect for the tone of this naturalistic space. Our Tourmaline Wall Light also appears in the living room, delivering a warm wall wash of soft light.

Take a step outside once the sun goes down and you’ll be utterly immersed in the environment which our luminaries complement. The perfect balance of tranquillity meets functional lighting with purpose.


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