Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Business School is the graduate business school of the University of Melbourne. In February 2017, the school embarked on a major, multi-million dollar upgrade, transforming previously disused factory buildings into modern office suites for staff.

Illuminating student spaces, our recessed R56 and suspended LX S62 linear lights emit a soft and elegant illumination perfectly suitable for this educational environment. The linear lights are dispersed across a variety of meeting rooms, classrooms and common areas.

Eclipse Strip Light has been featured beneath wooden ceilings to highlight soft textures while illuminating in a gentle, yet accommodating manner. Classrooms also feature recessed LX R56 which distributes light effectively and efficiently.

Our Emerald Commercial Uplight successfully illuminates the Melbourne Business School’s tall trees amongst the outdoor space. Manufactured with an aluminium reflector, frosted glass and a high-grade 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel finish, this IP67 rated commercial uplight delivers class-leading performance in this outdoor space to help guide students at night.

In collaboration with award-winning design firm peckvonhartel, Melbourne Business School developed a plan for their campus to re-orientate all teaching and learning around the central courtyard, with a re-imagined dining and social space to support greater connection between students, participants, alumni and faculty.

Now completed, this upgrade ensures the school will make better use of their unique location, help and support learning environments and provide an engaging educational experience.

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