Melbourne, Australia

True to the form of Neil Williams & Sons Builder, a unique and contemporary home rests on the picturesque hills of Merricks. Injecting a sense of calm into this light-filled home; Unios luminaires supplied by Creative Lighting Victoria work with passive design principles to create an ideal lighting solution.

The Edge Wall Light features throughout main areas to complement dark wooden panelling and a minimalistic design. With its unique geometric design, the Edge Wall Light delivers a warm ambience in this interior application. The subtle angular and tapered design of the Edge creates a geometric statement throughout bedroom and bathroom walls of the impressive home.

Running the theme of dynamic wall illumination, the Orbit Plus Wall Light sets the tone with its globe-like presence. Producing a circle of indirect light – the luminaire acts as both a useful source of illumination and as a design feature.

Enhancing the hallway, the Cluster Inground Uplight reduces glare while producing a narrow and sharp beam along wall surfaces for occupants. This, in addition to the Edge Wall Light creates a unique aesthetic that shapes the architecture of the home.

Featured throughout, the versatile nature of the Axis Surface Mounted Downlight acts as the primary source of illumination both internally and externally. Rotating its lens head, the Axis sends its low-glare, powerful illumination in all directions.

Through layered elements, perching the hillside of Perching in the treetop, Neil Williams & Sons Builders has created an idyllic retreat amongst a bush context.

Lighting Supplier: Creative Lighting Victoria
Builder: Neil Williams & Sons Builder

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