Hobart, Australia

Tucked in the 2nd and 3rd floors of a Georgian sandstone warehouse in the heart of Salamanca Place, Moss Hotel’s original building was built in 1835 and 1841, respectively and as evidenced by the Georgian facades.

In line with modernising the heritage buildings, Moss’ visual identity reflects the making of old new again with green as the colour of life, renewal and nature. It represents a vibrant new way of bringing natural elements and historical fabric together.

The hotel comprises 41 warm and welcoming rooms, all uniquely designed by Circa Morris-Nunn Architects to fit within the existing build. Upon their entrance, a cozy lobby area welcomes guests with an open fireplace and indoor gardens. Drawing on the island state’s reputation as a natural refuge, the hotel features a double-storied living wall with plants sourced from local nature reserves. With 350° of rotation and 90° of tilt, the Kinetic Downlight provides a combination of diffused and spotlighting effects throughout the space, highlighting every architectural feature.

Throughout the estate, a colour palette of deep forest greens interplay with raw Tasmanian timbers is used. Moving towards their suites, guests transitions through the hotel through a staircase, subtly lit by the Aeon Flex linear light hidden inside each handrail. Illuminating downwards, the Aeon Flex emits a soft radiance leading visitors towards their temporary home.

Making it their mission to honour the artistic character of Hobart and Tasmania, Moss features in every room a print by Australian photographer Derek Henderson, who captures unexpected angles of the local sceneries. Locally sourced material is also a pivotal signature of Moss Hotel, with blackwood joinery and Tasmanian stone side tables incorporated in the bedrooms. To complement the overall moodiness of the space, the lighting scheme is warm yet functional with the skilful synthesis of indirect luminance provided by the Eclipse linear light. Additionally, the Codex reading lights are positioned by each bedside as the most comfortable task lighting solution.

From its historical backgrounds, Moss’s goal is to create a unique experience that can immerse visitors into a rich cultural retreat tailored for escapism and respite. Thanks to its prime location, Moss becomes the ideal starting point for visitors to start their adventure discovering Hobart and Tasmania.


To see the full project feature in First Light Edition 2 click here!



Architect: Circa Morris-Nunn Architects
Interior Design: Studio Ongarato
Builder: Vos Construction & Joinery Builders
Electrical Contractor: Energy Solutions
Developer: Behrakis Group
Lighting Supplier: Southern Lighting
Photographer: Adam Gibson

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