Canberra, Australia

In 2021, the National Jewish Memorial Centre in Canberra marked its 50th anniversary since its opening. In the same year, the ACT Jewish Community celebrates their 70th anniversary of founding.

The Millie Phillips Wing, named after Millie Phillips, a passionate contributor and advocate to the Jewish community, was opened to celebrate these significant events. This new Wing embodies a new entrance and lobby area, storage areas, a kitchen, an external pergola, and three adjoined meeting spaces.

Running along the lobby area are Unios’ LX Linear Lights and Axis Track. Meeting both ambience and accent lighting needs, the duo adds depth and a sense of balance to the hardwood. Along with contrasting grey palettes and acoustic panelling, they form an overall warm tone and calming ambience to the space. At the same time, the LX is suspended atop the table surface to provide adequate task lighting.

The Wing is a place of worship, and for many Jews, a home that helps them gain knowledge and fosters a sense of connection to their heritage. It is also the site for events, diplomatic, political and community functions, and a venue for cultural and social purposes. With an English and Hebrew language library, exhibition spaces, and a museum, the National Jewish Memorial Centre is planned to expand further to provide Holocaust remembrance and education.



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