Melbourne, Australia

On a mission to find the perfect blend of high-end architecture and sustainability, the Rathmines project consists of 2 different houses: South House and North House, each with a unique palette and design style representing luxury living.

The North House, in particular, is designed to reflect a relaxed lifestyle. Hence, a strategic combination of dominant natural light and a neutral, wooden palette was prominent throughout.

The living room embraces warm and soothing light from the Iris Wall Light. With light tracking in a circular form that exudes a gentle halo, the Iris effectively creates a soft vibe in the room. The Scope Spotlight, in particular, lights up the working area brilliantly, generating a calming and relaxing tone to the organised space, which, in turn, nurtures the creativity of occupants.

To highlight the contemporary and modern blend, the Kinetic Downlight was used. Flexible with 350-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt, the minimalism downlight induces a diffused and spotlighting effect in common areas. Harmonised with the Titanium Downlight, the duo creates sophistication throughout the house.

Warm and inviting, the North House was created to be shared with friends and family alike.


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