Perth, Australia

The company behind Miss Chow’s and Rice Baby has brought the coolest grocery store to Campus Perth. Oriental Market and Grocer (OMG) offers ready-to-go fresh meals, fresh produce and packaged goods across the 400sq m space.

Enhancing the colours in packaging, while providing a contemporary yet practical illumination throughout the grocery store are two favourites from the Unios range – The Kobe Track Light and the LX S62.

Perfect for retail and hospitality lighting, the Kobe Track Light works to illuminate specific areas throughout the store’s entrance, while rendering colours to the highest quality and making packaging pop for by-passers. In contrast, the LX S62 runs parallel to isles in OMG, adding character, modern lines and the perfect amount of light levels for customers doing their local food shop.

OMG – creatively designed by Mata Design Studio is understated, light-hearted with raw interiors paired with unique graphic design and branding.

Interior: Mata Design Studio
Builder: Imperial Interiors
Electrical Consultant: ESC Engineering
Mechanical Consultant: Alphazeta Group
Photography: D-Max Photography


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