Hanoi, Vietnam

Located in Hanoi City, this private villa embodies the homeowner’s appreciation of the value of Vietnamese culture and craftsmanship with the incorporation of traditional materials into the modern architectural features of the home.

This villa instantly makes an impression from the outside with its grand arched window reveals the first and second floor. The Spectrum Spike Light, with a stylish tapered profile, provides the ideal forward throw of light along pathways in the garden.

Transitioning into the internal space, the primary materials are porcelain ceramic tiles contrasted with deep timber furniture, including shelving units, doors, dining tables and ceiling fans. This interrelationship of colours and materials represents a contemporary twist on the Vietnamese architectural trends of the olden days. Throughout the living areas, private rooms and hallways, the Titanium Downlights provide a soft and pleasant source of ambient lighting. At the same time, the Switch Downlights are strategically placed along the internal hallway to create visual cues, directing focus on the staircase and elevator, and allowing seamless transitions between different areas of the home.

In private studies and bedrooms, the Arrow Linear Lights are utilised for task lighting. An even distribution of lights is cast onto the table surface, keeping residents attentive and focused. Simultaneously, as accent lighting, the Shift Out Downlights provides directional illumination on paintings and artworks, adding an element of depth and visual interest to the space.

The lower basement floor doubles as an art gallery and is unequivocally one of the homeowner’s most prized spaces. This gallery allows the owner to appreciate both classic and contemporary Vietnamese art and showcases multiple paintings and installations from emerging Vietnamese artists. As the optimal lighting solution for artworks, the Kobe Track Light, with a CRI 92+, accurately renders the subtle detail. Coupled with the MX Track system, the Kobe’s flexibility is future-proof and perfect for rearranging or expanding of the collection. Working harmoniously with the Kobe Track in this space, the Particle Downlights provide ambience lighting, ensuring no dark spots and a pleasant viewing experience.

Architect: QBI Group
Lighting Supplier: Unios Vietnam
Photo Credits: Đỗ Sỹ

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