Brisbane, Australia

Home to permanent and changing exhibitions and collections, the Queensland Museum is the state’s hub for natural history, cultural heritage and science. Queensland Museum partnered with London’s Science Museum Group to deliver the multi-million-dollar Sciencentre refurbishment, with the organisations collaborating to deliver a world-class exhibition showcasing cutting-edge interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) engagement.

The Eclipse Strip Light was utilised in multiple rooms throughout the exhibit space. To see colour; RGBW strip was installed behind opaque walls and concealed in the ceiling to fill the space with coloured light. Within the Spinning Earth exhibit, the Eclipse was installed behind black MDF panels, this application projected light through pre-cut holes in the panels, which gave the appearance of stars in the night sky. The holes were configured to show the location of key constellations in space.

The Eclipse Strip Light also works within the exhibition to provide a subtle glow and ambience to the overall environment. The holistic design, which includes the effective use of lighting, not only adds to the ambience, look and feel of the exhibition but also enables visitors to interact with displays. This is where they can explore how their sense of sight and the science of light helps them question, test and discover how they perceive the world around them. The lighting design vision was to seamlessly integrate the intelligent use of lighting within exhibits. One of the key phenomena the exhibition aimed to explore with visitors was light and how different forms of light are perceived.

Architect: Architectus
Consulting Engineer: ARUP
Head Contractor: Intrec
Electrical Contractor: Ryan Wilks
Interior Designer: Architectus
Lighting Designer: ARUP
Developer: Queensland Museum
Lighting Supplier: Raylinc
Photographer: Angus Martin

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