Perth, Australia

Heritage is at the core of Raine Square, which is connected by three historical buildings that pay homage to the original architecture from 1882. The redevelopment of the iconic site meant that 18,000 square metres would transform the space into a spectacular entertainment and retail precinct. A holistic lighting solution was developed to integrate with architectural elements to form an iconic destination in the heart of the city.

A combination of luminaires were sourced from all parts of the world to honour both new and old architectural features in the redeveloped Perth precinct. Lighting formed a crucial element to the overall design vision, carefully intertwined throughout feature ceilings across the complex. The central design element of custom, curved, wooden slats in the ceiling act as both a wayfinding element and a design hallmark.

Perforated panels meet the Marc Wall Light, as the trio of luminaires work to raise the presence of the elevator. The adjustable blade design in a textured black finish serves to create a point of difference on textured walls that frame the elevator while washing the panelling with soft illumination.

Continuing on the theme of the integration between feature wood elements and light; this same concept defines the central escalator system. The escalators are positioned in the centre of the interior and act as a focal point over the three levels of the building. On the underside of each of the escalators are a series of linear wooden panels in combination with an asymmetrical array of strip lighting.

The use of Eclipse Strip Lighting across the wooden slats draws attention to the design feature as well as acting as an indicator of pathways throughout the building. The strip lighting is recessed deep into the slats to minimise glare and create optimum comfort for diners and pedestrians.

The development of Raine Square required significant engagement and collaboration between the City of Perth and the Heritage Council. With restorations made to the historical Royal Hotel, Glyde Chambers and Wentworth, the buildings have been revived as part of the redevelopment and returned to their former glory. The lighting design for the redevelopment commended the old and endorsed the new. The solution fused the years that had passed at Raine Square; remained contemporary, functional and met the design vision of each architectural element. The Aeon Flex rests vertically and horizontally across golden square panels to bring shape and context to the site’s street frontages at night. While emitting warm light that accentuates the golden tones of the square panels, the Aeon Flex also works to reinforce the Raine Square brand identity.

Architects: Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick and Cox Architecture
Electrical Engineer: Floth
Builder: Built
Electrical and Lighting Contractor: Everett-Smith
Landscape Architect: REALMstudios
Lighting Supplier: Mondoluce

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