Melbourne, Victoria

Established in the late 1880s, the Research Primary School is the place of education for the young generation in the northeastern outskirts of Melbourne. In 2021, the school concluded an award-winning upgrade and redevelopment that transformed the old classrooms and facilities into modern, flexible learning spaces.

At the school entrance, the Iris Wall Lights‘ textured black finish and minimal design blend in perfectly with the modern aesthetics. Inside, the entrance hall welcomes students, teachers and parents with the cool light from Apex Adjustable Downlights. Offering both efficiency and practicality, the luminaires are the perfect application for illuminating the entrance.

The Research Primary School’s lighting solution is designed to assist safe movements for the students and staff while complementing the space’s modern aesthetics. Illuminating the main hallway is the Titanium Downlight. Functionally designed, the Titanium ensures a comfortable environment, successfully creating an open ambience for the students. The Titanium marks its presence again in the kitchen space, where the luminaires work with the LX Infinity Linear Light to meet general and task lighting needs. 

For the brilliant modernisation of the Research Primary School, Kennedy Nolan has won the Best School Project between $5-$10 Million award at the 2021 Victorian School Design Awards.

Architect: Kennedy Nolan
Consulting Engineer: BRT Consulting
Lighting Distributor: Lights & Tracks
Photographer: Emily Bartlett Photography

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