Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Sitting amid Ho Chi Minh City’s most historical buildings in District 1 is SEESON, an optical brand that carries within itself a mission to bridge the old and new of Vietnam’s vibrant culture. Responding to its central location and historical neighbours, SEESON Store sees a harmony of ancient architecture and contemporary interior, guaranteed to catch the eyes of incomers.

Harmonising contemporary architecture and ancient patterns in interior and exterior design is one challenging mission, but doing so while highlighting the store’s products and achieving the desired clean and fresh aesthetics is even more so. Yet, this challenge is finessed to perfection by SEESON. To make this architectural syntax a success, brilliant artificial lighting considerations come without saying.

For a wide variety of high-quality luminaires that offer market-leading colour renderings, minimal glare and timeless design, Unios’ lights were chosen to feature throughout SEESON store.

From the outside, SEESON’s unique facade will greet passersby with the warm illumination of the Onyx. Features a minimalist outlook and a striking black silk print, this wall light is the ideal luminaire choice for enhancing any indoor and outdoor spaces. Indeed, by installing the Onyx on outdoor pillars, the store’s front envelope is highlighted, and the traditional patterns of ancient Vietnamese architecture are accentuated as well.

Stepping inside the store, cool lights from the Titanium G2 Downlight and Eclipse will guide customers on a unique optics shopping experience. While the Titanium is responsible for general lighting tasks, the Eclipse assists in wayfinding between counters. Recessed into the ceiling for a seamless light source, this duo compliments SEESON Store’s interior beautifully.

Not just for general lighting tasks, the Eclipse is hidden behind display walls to provide indirect lighting sources to highlight SEESON’s designed optics range. Under the spotlight of Shift Out and Kinetic, SEESON’s product range will surely capture customers’ attention.

Following the beautiful spiral stairs, lighted by Unios’ Titanium Starlight, the optical clinic on the second level embraces customers in comforting visuals. Here, the Titanium G2 Downlight is featured again for wayfinding, with the assistance of Shift Out for cabinet and counters highlights. Putting visual comfort at the forefront, these minimal-glare luminaires accommodate SEESON’s demands for optical comfort, while incorporating with the interior seamlessly.

Blending the old and new through the clever installation of luminaires, SEESON store is truly an optical brand for the old, the now and the future of Vietnam.


Interior Design: Nhabe Scholae
Lighting Supplier: Unios Vietnam
Photo: Valor Studio

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