Adelaide, Australia

Eight kilometres south-east of the Adelaide city centre, Springfield boasts “the hills-face zone” with sweeping views over the Adelaide plains. This residence makes the most of the location and unobstructed views.

Approaching the property, you anticipate what you will find inside. Walking through the front door, the home instantly makes an impression with the expert arrangement of artworks, the piano and stately furniture. The main area is ideal for social gatherings and family activities. The open layout allows seamless interconnection between the dining and double-height living.

Perfect for artwork illumination, the Kobe track lights are skillfully arranged by LED Outdoor + Architectural for their flexibility and ability to accommodate new acquisitions. With a CRI 92+, the Kobe accurately renders every detail while placing the paintings at focal to create the most pleasant viewing experience. The Kobe is also used throughout the home, from internal hallways, private living quarters to the bathroom, due to its flexible lighting solutions that effectively lights the space without overwhelming it with brightness. This choice of track luminaire was especially sensible as it fits perfectly with the build that’s predominantly formed out of concrete.

Another point of focus of this space is the suspended crystal chandelier. With a minimal appearance, the chandelier is subtly illuminated from within by the Titanium Semi-Micro. The Titanium Semi subtly emits light that reflects off the crystals and sparkle. The Astro wall lights are utilised as internal step lights, illuminating downwards to create a safe pathway while maintaining that cozy and inviting atmosphere throughout.

Connected to an outdoor swimming pool and alfresco dining area is a second living room. One of the architectural highlights of this space is the wooden slats spreading across the ceiling space and vertically along the walls. As ambient lighting, the Titanium downlights are surface mounted in between the slats. With their textured black finish, the Titanium blends in seamlessly with the space’s dark-tone interior scheme. With great attention to detail, the Springfield Residence skillfully accents the space with the Eclipse linear light hidden in wine cabinets and shelving units.

A standout with its artistic statement, this residence is truly a superb representation of the sophisticated interplay between art, sweeping views, architecture and light.


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