Brisbane, Australia

St Joseph’s Nudgee College, also known as Nudgee or Nudgee College, is an independent Catholic day and boarding school catering for boys from Year 5 to 12. Established in 1891 in Brisbane (QLD, Australia), this college has been and will continue to be an educational centre of excellence for many generations.

Since its establishment, St Joseph’s Nudgee College has made continuous improvements to its facility and learning environment to cater to better academic and physical education. The College now houses an award-winning multi-level learning centre, science laboratories, a vocational education centre and a 400-seat auditorium. When it comes to sports and arts, St Joseph’s Nudgee College has 13 playing fields, 12 tennis courses, a multi-purpose gymnasium, an Olympic-grade athletic track, art workshops and a sound-proof digital recording studio.

At the heart of St Joseph’s Nudgee College sits Treacy Building. Comprising four buildings constructed at different dates and times, Treacy Building is a beautiful balance of architectural development through times, with subtle hints of modernity from recent refurbishments. Connecting the past and present of Treacy Building is a broad connecting verandah, where Unios luminaires were tasked with supporting safe movements for students and occupants of this prestigious establishment.

Indirect lighting is powerful in its ability to create a calming and comfortable environment by creating a light source hidden from the naked eye. From the outset, it was the architect’s intention to work this concept into the space. Specifically, the verandah sees the iron lacework backlit by the Eclipse Linear Lights. Hidden behind ceilings and under handrails, these linear lights create a gentle flow of light, guiding the occupants along the hallways and staircase. In addition, at 3000K, the luminaires complement the warm-toned walls, effectively creating an overall calming ambience throughout. 

Not just a testament to time, in 2016, various builds of this historic school were listed in the Queensland Heritage Register.

Architect: M3 Architecture
Engineer: JHA Consulting Engineers
Lighting Distributor: Raylinc Lighting
Photographer: Caco Photographer


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