Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Located in Diamond Island, District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, Steel Gym is one of Vietnam’s only boutique fitness studios. Officially opened its door in 2021, Steel Gym offers small group and individual training sessions with specialisations across a few fitness areas.

Complementing Steel Gym’s mission of creating an intimate and energetic training experience, the space’s interior is heavily curated with attractive and upscale architectural features.

The general training area is fully equipped with an extensive range of training equipment perfectly maintained for members’ use at any time. During the day, natural light pours in from the large window panes. As night falls, the illuminance from the LX Infinity linear light creates the ideal ambience to keep members attentive and focused on their sessions. Specified to precisely fit the dimensions of this area, the LX Infinity provides an even distribution of light, ensuring no dark spots through the space. At the same time, with the black honeycomb lens, this linear light minimises glare to create the most comfortable training environment.

Hidden atop columns and wall crevices, wrapped around mirrors, the Eclipse linear light draws attention to interior elements like wall texture, custom-fit wide mirrors, and shelving units to accentuate the space further and create depth. Simultaneously, the Titanium Starlights are suspended from the ceiling to create focal points at various equipment stations and refreshment areas, helping members navigate.

In the locker, shower and powder room, the Titanium Downlights were selected as ambient lighting for their trimless finish, blending seamlessly with the space’s interior. In addition, all luminaires were chosen to illuminate at 4000K to complement Steel Gym’s high-end and modern feel, creating a warm, inviting and intimate atmosphere. As the final touch of luxury finesse, the Eclipse linear light emits subtle, indirect light from behind surfaces and mirrors for when members refresh themselves after their hard-training sessions.

Steel Gym keeps true to its promise of providing a boutique fitness experience with a unique training program and even more exceptional architectural features. It’s trendy, fun — with a bit of needed intensity — so that every member can come out feeling like their best selves.



Interior Designer: Jenny Truong
Developer: Steel Gym
Lighting Supplier: Unios Vietnam
Photographer: Valor Studio

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