Sydney, Australia

Located in one of the most vivid cities in Australia, this Sydney Office makes a statement with its innovative adaptive design, giving new form, character, purpose and lifespan to an existing tower. 

Adaptive reuse and decarbonisation of vintage builts are not news in today’s architectural ground. This project, however, has gone above and beyond by retaining more than 65% of the original structure and 95% of the original core. This is equivalent to an impressive saving of 12,000 tonnes of carbon, or to put numbers into perspective, 35,000 flights between Sydney and Melbourne. Additionally, the office offers minimal glare and a stunning panoramic view of the city day and night, thanks to its masterfully designed shading folds and tapers that follow the sun’s movement from East to West.  

With much consideration and expertise, the project team succeeded in propelling a vintage building to the modern world while at the same time setting a new standard for what adaptive architectural reuse is capable of. Of course, in a project where sustainability is highly regarded, the choice of high-quality materials and architectural instruments goes without saying. Unios are, therefore, extremely proud to feature in many areas of this Sydney Office. 

The way people work and move throughout the day is at the core of all design decisions in this office. This starts from the building’s entrance, hallways and public spaces, where a comforting environment is fostered by the Titanium Downlight. This custom-designed luminaire opts for tunable white technology to cycle with the sun’s colour temperature. In other words, the Titanium Downlight’s colour temperature is automated to mimic natural lighting patterns, allowing a seamless synchronisation with the sun’s luminance throughout the day.

Accompanying the Titanium Downlight is the Kobe Track Light. The Kobe provides optimal lighting efficiency outside the meeting rooms for general lighting tasks. Going around the office, the Akira Ceiling Lights are responsible for bringing brightness to shared working spaces. Housed in a slimline profile, the Akira is praised for its smooth and diffused effect, creating a gentle sheet of light, which promotes efficiency and comfort for all occupants. 

Sustainable, efficient and putting well-being at the forefront, this Sydney Office is undeniably a legacy for future architectural design generations. 

Project credits
Architect: BVN Architects  
Lighting Designer: ARUP Specialist Lighting

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