Melbourne, Australia

Nestled in Montmorency, Sylvan St Residence is a stunning example of modern architecture that balances light and dark materials in a suburban setting.

The family home’s exterior features a gabled roof juxtaposing a series of rectangular shapes and vertical and horizontal lines. The cantilever, defined by white horizontal slats, offers privacy and uniqueness to the property.

Sylvan St’s interior once again embraces a sense of contrast with the light walls, speckled concrete floor, and black cabinetry. The house has a spacious living area with high ceilings, making a grand expression. The master suite is on the ground floor, while three other bedrooms are on a different level, all connected by a glass staircase. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in natural light and create a feeling of connectedness with the outdoors.

Unios’ luminaires add elegance and visual comfort to the interior. The black Kobe Track Light and Eclipse Linear Light in the kitchen and living area provide task lighting for the kitchen island. At the same time, with its minimal trimless design, the Titanium Downlights are used in the bedrooms to offer a low-glare and gentle source of ambient light. Meanwhile, suspended Titanium Starlights by the bedsides serve a functional purpose and add depth to the space.

The design process of Sylvan St resulted in a well-considered balance between drama and subtlety. The use of dark and light materials, lush landscaping, and a carefully planned lighting scheme all contributed to a beautiful, artful, and comforting home. Unios’ fixtures worked to create an atmosphere that balances the playful use of light and dark, creating a welcoming and relaxing environment.

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Lighting Supplier: Redsocks Design
Architect: Mills Gorman Architects
Builder: theNESSISgroup
Landscape Architect: Species Landscapes Architecture
Interior Designer: Mills Gorman Architects
Photographer: SpaceCraft Media

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