Perth, Australia

A touch of history belongs to this exquisite heritage-listed building, with The Melbourne Hotel being a part of the Perth local character and culture since 1897.

While most of the facade of this building has remained, an extension was undertaken recently on the corner of Milligan and Hay street to create the 73-room hotel and 20-storey office tower.

Through the main entrance, a warm welcome awaits with Titanium Surface Mounted Downlights paired spaciously through the walkway to illuminate and guide guests. Our Titanium Starlight also makes an appearance in this space, delicately placed between feature mirrored slats to compliment each charming detail.

Eclipse Strip sets a striking mood across lobby areas, where the old design meets the new. Enhancing levels of the hallways which run parallel to the original wall exterior, the Eclipse Strip Light provides a flexible lighting system along with the solution for ambient lighting needs.

Amongst the original walls which have been in place for over a hundred years, we see our Axis Surface Mounted Downlight used in an entirely new application to accentuate the historical interiors. The Axis is placed purposefully as a wall light, with the rotation set at 90° to create a soft, rustic wall wash, illuminating the vertical surface with uniform brightness.

The rooftop bar on level six truly sets the tone for this trendy establishment with a futuristic design, bi-folding glass doors and an assortment of engaging luminaires which draws attention in from the street.

The revamped Melbourne Hotel contains 73 new or refurbished hotel rooms, a Cantonese restaurant and a rooftop bar located on level six.

Construction: Doric Contractors
Architecture: Buchan Group

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