Adelaide, South Australia

Located in Thebarton, just a stone’s throw away from Adelaide CBD, Thirty Five Stirling sets itself apart with an alluring ambience and bustling vibe.

Assisting in the beautiful design of Thirty Five Stirling is a meticulously curated lighting scheme. In cafes and eateries, where mood and atmosphere are imperative, the lighting solutions deliver efficiency, beauty and ambience. Unios’ luminaires were featured throughout the project for their timeless finish and outstanding lighting effects.

Warm luminance from the FX Spotlight and Eclipse Linear Lights fills the volume of the eatery. Controlled by Casambi, the duo work wonders in setting the mood of Thirty Five Stirling. Specifically, the FX Spotlights focus light onto each dining table, creating a sense of intimacy and comfort for the best dining experience.

Responsible for meeting accent lighting needs is the Eclipse Linear Lights. The luminaire is subtly hidden behind walls, on ceilings, beneath the check-out counter, and under sitting areas to assist with wayfinding. At the same time, the Eclipse works wonderfully at highlighting the drink display, drawing the diner’s attention to the area.

Not just for the fine food and drinks or the unique swing seatings and hustled ambience, people also come to Thirty Five Stirling for their commitment to supporting South Australian businesses, local producers and growers. Serving a variety of flavourful food options and beverages, this eye-catching eatery establishes itself as the favourite local go-to.


Interior Design: MGiD
Electrical Installation: Skillz Electricalskill
Lighting Design: LED Outdoor + Architectural
Casambi Design and Commissioning: LED Outdoor + Architectural
Photos: Josh Geelen

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