Binh Duong, Vietnam

Tran Quang is one of Vietnam’s most established coffee brands. The brand prides itself on high quality and authenticity, the two key components contributing significantly to Tran Quang’s prestige positioning in the Vietnamese coffee production landscape.

To successfully create the signature coffee flavour that the Vietnamese know and love, the brand puts much consideration into the production environment, where coffee beans are tested, processed, and handled daily. Tran Quang believes that their researchers, engineers, assemblers, and machinists are the experts and key supporters of their success. Their creativity and craftsmanship elevate Tran Quang’s coffee to its full potential. For that, the brand places significance on making its production facility as functional and comfortable as possible for all occupants. Lighting, in particular, is a highly regarded element in this project.

From the planning stage, it was clear that Tran Quang Factory’s lighting solutions needed to assist the staff’s creativity and focus while promoting comfort. As a result, Unios luminaires are featured throughout the facility, working in harmony with the building’s architecture and interior touches.

The lighting scheme of Tran Quang Factory’s office and laboratory areas features a combination of the Titanium Downlight and the Akira Ceiling Light. High-performing with low glare, the luminaire duo boasts a slimline profile, maintaining coherence with the space’s layout while meeting general lighting needs. Following a minimal yet lively aesthetic, with their high CRI, the Titanium and Akira perfectly highlight the touches of pink, red and orange in the interior.

In the main office, the Titanium Starlight welcomes occupants with its contemporary design and high-lumen output. The luminaire is paired with the Eclipse Linear Light hidden behind plastered ceilings, effectively inducing a comfortable atmosphere. The combination of indirect and direct lighting is seen again in the co-working space. Subtly bringing ambience to the area, the Eclipse acts as an indirect light source that perfectly adds depth to the space. At the same time, the LX Infinity Honeycomb meet task lighting needs, promoting focus with minimum glare for comfort. Lastly, the FX Spotlight and FX Linear Light work wonders in creating a sense of privacy in personal working spaces while inducing cool light that assists concentration.

Perfectly dynamic, Tran Quang Factory is truly a production facility for the now and the future. 


Developer: Tran Quang Vietnam
Lighting supplier: Unios Vietnam
Photo: Valor Studio

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